Selected peer-reviewed publications

Fung, T., J. P. O’Dwyer, and R. A. Chisholm (2016). Species-abundance distributions under colored environmental noise. Journal of Mathematical Biology (in press)

Chisholm, R. A., T. Fung, D. Chimalakonda, and J. P. O’Dwyer (2016). Maintenance of biodiversity on islands. Proceedings of the Royal Society B (in press)

Fung, T., J. P. O’Dwyer, K. Abd. Rahman, C. D. Fletcher, and R. A. Chisholm (2016)Reproducing static and dynamic biodiversity patterns in tropical forests: the critical role of environmental variance. Ecology (in press)

Chisholm, R. A., X. Giam, K. R. Sadanandan, T. Fung, and F. E. Rheindt (2016). A robust non-parametric method for quantifying undetected extinctions. Conservation Biology (in press)

Fung, T., L. Villain, and R. A. Chisholm (2015). Analytical formulae for computing dominance from species-abundance distributions. Journal of Theoretical Biology 386:147–158

Chisholm R. A., D. N. L. Menge, T. Fung, N. S. G. Williams, and S. A. Levin (2015). The potential for alternative stable states in nutrient-enriched invaded grasslands. Theoretical Ecology 8:399–417

O’Dwyer, J. P. and R. A. Chisholm (2014). A mean field model for competition: From neutral ecology to the Red Queen. Ecology Letters 17:961–969

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Chisholm, R. A. and J. P. O’Dwyer. 2014. Species ages in neutral biodiversity models. Theoretical Population Biology 93:85–94

Chisholm, R. A., H. C. Muller-Landau, K. Abd. Rahman, D. P. Bebber, Y. Bin, S. A. Bohlman, N. A. Bourg, J. Brinks, S. Bunyavejchewin, N. Butt, H. Cao, M. Cao, D. Cárdenas, L.-W. Chang, J.-M. Chiang, G. Chuyong, R. Condit, H. S. Dattaraja, S. Davies, A. Duque, C. Fletcher, C. V. S. Gunatilleke, I. A. U. N. Gunatilleke, Z. Hao, R. D. Harrison, R. Howe, C.-F. Hsieh, S. P. Hubbell, A. Itoh, D. Kenfack, S. Kiratiprayoon, A. J. Larson, J. Lian, D. Lin, H. Liu, J. A. Lutz, K. Ma, Y. Malhi, S. McMahon, W. McShea, M. Meegaskumbura, S. M. Razman., M. D. Morecroft, C. J. Nytch, A. Oliveira, G. G. Parker, S. Pulla, R. Punchi-Manage, H. Romero-Saltos, W. Sang, J. Schurman, S.-H. Su, R. Sukumar, I.-F. Sun, H. S. Suresh, S. Tan, D. Thomas, S. Thomas, J. Thompson, R. Valencia, A. Wolf, S. Yap, W. Ye, Z. Yuan, and J. K. Zimmerman. 2013. Scale-dependent relationships between tree species richness and ecosystem function in forests. Journal of Ecology 101: 1214–1224

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Chisholm, R. A. and S. W. Pacala. 2010. Niche and neutral models predict asymptotically equivalent species abundance distributions in high-diversity ecological communities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 36:15821–15825 pdf

Chisholm, R. A. and J. W. Lichstein. 2009. Linking dispersal, immigration and scale in the neutral theory of biodiversity. Ecology Letters 12:1385–1393 pdf


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